Puli the queen


From the spirit of the ancient folk
From the barking hearts of dog
Scythians blood’s running
The Puli name’s remaining
Áprád’s blood, hey!

She was near to our yurts
She sat on throne guarding the stock
She shepherded them always wild
She was eager to every sign.

Every pain is wasted
Her loyalty is tasted
Trampled by the centuries
In the rings of Carpathians
God who knows Hungarians.

Álmos’s folk appreciated
Verecke was her way too
Árpád grew up near Abaly
She lent a hand to Géza too.

Bred by the heretics
Who couldn’t accept any priest
Selected by Dúl warriors
Whitehorse Son’s friends
Let the sun shine upon them.

Gracious Gods, godly ghosts
Ready for the sacrifice
Thanks for save her to our days
Didn’t turn her blood in waste
What a lord to our free people!

If the herd was like a bird
She was turning back them first
Shepherd’s shaggy pride
With the horses ride.

The slaves who reach the liberty
Her heart’s Hungarian and ever be
When brothers turn against own blood
Her tears run over like a flood
Give peace our Lord!

She survived all wars of nations
Waiting till today with patience
She will come with us much higher
Burn our souls like eternal fire.

From Levedia till now
From the Danube till Tisza
Wandered with Vajk on the road
Sent her spirit back to God
Never mind the dirty intrigues!

Live in glory still the days
In her soul with painful ways
Stand by us like a stone
Never let her lost the bone
Áprád’s blood, hey!

Her special look seems strange
Hypnotize with weird inside
Queen of the dogs, our treasure
Bring to us so much pleasure.

Centuries blamed on her since István
Finally at last we face the glamour
Lives forever in Hungarian hearts
Because she’s Hungarian like us
God bless our nation!