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The Puli is the same age as that of the Hungarian nation, although some profane experts believe that she became popular among the nomadic people of Etelköz when the father of our leader Árpád called upon his people to settle down. Everybody looked to Álmos thus the Puli could stay after her birth. There is also an opinion that if Attila is the Scourge of God then the Puli is the “God of Hungarians”, however, this has not been substantiated either by excavations or by researches. Her survival is also owing to the fact that she has telepathic intuitions beyond transcendence and can also think in the fourth dimension as she quickly understood the inarticulate expressions of the past shepherds, she went and, sure as can be, shepherded the stock. She made this after seeing the reactions of her master because as soon as she began to shepherd, the master’s watching eyes became round, the long curled-up moustache turned up as a sign that the invisible mouth beneath was smiling. However, rewards were given rarely and the Puli did not like it at all. She was barking in vain during shepherding as she was not stroked, but she did not dare to push the thing any longer, as she remembered its previous companion very well for which a grave was dug for such a thing. She knew very well already at that time that once her time would come which occurred for now. She waited for hundreds of years with patience for her persistence to crown with success. She achieved for now that she is often taken on lap, petted and stroked. Marcsa, who came from the dust of farms, from the nomadic area of pastures with full of thistles, became a mistress, the queen of dogs. Instead of rich zoos, she spends her time with cosmeticians, her master is watching every little moving and vibration of her and if she deliberately has got into mischief, she will at most be scolded but she will be given dinner despite her feeling offended, and her corporal integrity is not endangered. Now she would be better if she was walking ten centimetres above the earth as then she should not step into mud. She knows this of herself and always shows her impatience. It will be therefore our task, instead of a permanent supervision of her hair, to supply our Puli with an air cushion; this would solve a plenty of problems in my opinion.

Character of species:

She has unique external and internal features not similar to others in the dog society. The formula 1 of Hungarian dogs, which is the best bred and the most uniform. The Hungarian man bred her to his pleasure, according to his taste, which turned out pretty well. Her long hair reminds people of the shaggy hair of ancient princes and clans, amalgamated with some Rasta philosophy on the area of self-purification but her locks of hair are sticking together not because of unwashedness much rather they grow more refined by recalling the memory of past times. As regards her body height she is of medium-size but a big character. On the basis of her proportions she is quadratic but does not belong to the society of the cube-headed, her head at the end of her neck is rather round or elliptical. She generally has four legs but they cannot be seen out of the hair coverage. When running, due to her quickness, it is a vain effort to count her legs at all, she adds relish to her moving by bouncing and hopping to confuse her spectators totally. The reader would be proper to ask why she is special if man watches but does not see either her eyes or her neck or legs or tail due to her hair. You can find the answer in the following paragraph but we can give good advice for inexperienced people. The Puli is the grand master of masking. You can never know if you would like to stroke her head whether you put your hands into her buttocks, and if you perhaps would like to inspect the length of her tail, it is advisable to first offer her some food so that you know where her head is. Of course it is very strange to see a master sticking bacon into the buttocks of the Puli but it is a rather rare case. One thing is sure: if you feel that a Puli feels offended and turns her back to you, she might just watching your reactions. This feature of her makes her fully suitable for safeguarding of houses as she not only tears up the legs of an unbidden guest but also confuses him very much.


The experts of jewellery could not describe the colours of the Puli better than it was done by the persons familiar with the species well.

It can be black the light of which is unique unless we put her in the sun to get tanned, however, in her mouldy colour there is something puritan beauty of the countryside which emphasizes this colour. The black shaded with grey seems as being dyed, dazzling the admirers of this fashion. Certain people say “turning grey”, by not knowing that some colour their hair greyish on purpose in order to have a more respectful and more serious appearance of themselves. The Puli does not need such false feathers; she is greyish by nature.

The white type does not use the moves typical of blondes, however, it is a fact that blondness arouses the fantasy and imagination of a lot of people. This colour may rather be associated with the attraction of jewelleries, typical of women of a certain colour of hair, while a white Puli is pearl-white indeed, and who would not like to wear so wonderful white pearls.

The palish Puli is the ancient colour of the species, therefore there is some ancient tingle in her appearance, which could really be put into words only by dancers with the wolves. This colour is the most mysterious and most enigmatic, as it is continuously changing with the age of its owner. Identical with the vehemence of horses of a similarly defined colour, the expansion of the palish colour is expectable, which would be proper at all for the very reason that our national treasure could not be declared as double-coloured by ones struggling with liver problems but she could rather be defined as multi-coloured recalling the rainbow. In addition, one who has ever seen a rainbow may have some idea what a feeling is to admire a Puli in her perfect splendour.

Temper and personality:

Her behaviour is full of contradictions, novels could be written of her interior despite the fact that we have not solved it in full yet. She has a really big soul, closed in a small body, which big soul often does not have enough room in such a size, and therefore it always comes out of her which is usually misunderstood by the master. He thinks that his beloved is a really stubborn dog, a hysterical machine and the Shrew is an accommodating and adaptable person compared to her, but he can be a spectator of the soaring of the big personality, as Aladdin also rubbed the lamp sometimes to free his Gin. Thus, the Puli has a round personality not only in her form but her behaviour as well, she is just like the Hungarian man: proud and humble, stubborn and well-adopting, outbrave and obedient. Her thoughts always precede those of the master; if this is not the case the master believes that he actually wanted that but it has not come to his mind whether he wants that. Usually her artful way of thinking lift her over all other dogs in such a way that there is hardly any Hungarian who would think about her as just a dog. If she wants she could be taught for everything, but if she does not it is better to hang you up because she will not do what we want even if you walk on the water. While acting, she mostly bestows her favours upon you, and at that time, we, the masters, can only appreciate her presence as a star. However, we cannot get an autograph from her, as unfortunately the Puli cannot be able to write as yet. Some say that it is not true but we were unable to persuade her to improve her abilities as such, which, as regards our ideas, is not a problem at all. Imagine how much we could understand in such a case but how much she could throw at our heads. Perhaps it is better in this way, she can distribute her favours to us, and we cannot do anything else just to enjoy the appearance and presence of her majesty … if she lets us do so.

Her future:

Due to the exquisite Hungarian taste, the survival of the Puli is ensured, the keeping of our queen has become a chic so much that our treasure is envied and an eye is laid on her abroad as well. One who takes a fancy to the Puli falls in a trap, as one cannot get rid of this love even if he must always take care of feeding because of the good quality of her hair and must pursue an activity surpassing the wrist-muscles of old-time women plucking geese to keep his beloved neat. One thing is sure: one who keeps a Puli does not have to take a lot of thinking to obtain a yard cleaning machine, but it is enough if he lets out his friend, after long begging, to take a walk in the yard and she will at once collect all garbage, ruining our manual skill surpassing Cinderella to make her hair tidy. By the way she herself chooses her master but she does not raise any insuperable obstacles as if the master does not give her permanent work, she will find such for herself, and by her such abilities she is able to durably entertain her spectators and herself as well, and this ability also praises the unbelievable inner values of the type. Consequently of all the above, we can say that one who has ever had a Puli, will become addicted to her forever and will search her everywhere in everything. Keeping a Puli is like being Hungarian: a proud, happy and special feeling, which is sometimes honouring, sometimes tiring, but this has to be taken care of and looked after every day, like the Puli.