… The brown midnight glance of your dark eyes fascinated me like the taste of honeyed almonds. You sensibly pushed your pug and charming nose to me, while searching maybe happiness in my pocket. If I can see into your round head, I perhaps even can’t understand what that enormous mind carries as a witness of history. Nevertheless, if you look at on me turning your neck right and left asking: “What do you want?” – I will be too pleased for words at once. It is better that I can’t see your two glowing and starry eyes, as if I looked into them, I would surely go blind because of your honesty. I always hear your short steps while you are trotting quickly on the concrete. I know you can’t have a moment’s rest since we are together, I see you have learnt the lesson of your life well … I know you would beat anybody who my enemy is even if you are smaller my sweetheart. Please sit next to me or I will take you on my lap if you want. Of course only if you promise that the shower your kisses will not happen this time. You can love like nobody else in the world but I feel I have to be careful. I have to be careful because although your feelings are never a flash in the pan, if I offend your sensible soul, you will turn on fire and everything I’ve achieved so far will pass away in your heart as a mirage. I know that besides we are the same blood, our manner become more and more similar to each other for a long time inseparably. An invisible bond was developed between us the chain of which may never be torn and is stronger than anything else. Only You and Me. Since you do anything I ask and I give you anything I can do in return. Thereafter you look at me with raised head and with love, and I look at you with proud and joyful love. That’s why we love each other … Just the two of Us … My dear Puli!



 I surely know you since your early puppyhood. Yes. I am the one who always pampered and coddled you, I might even spoiled you. I know you look at me now wondering what nonsense I am talking about but winter comes! This reminds me last year’s bitter weather, you know when you were unable to walk outside because of deep snow and I was warming your frozen legs with my own hands beside the fireplace. How happy you were then! After that we were watching the feathering snowflakes together from the window … you snuggled up to me and I was sleeping next to you and hugging you, and only your hot kisses raised me sometimes from my sleep. You of course deserved this after so much work in the summer, as I remember how much you didn’t like that I sometimes almost cruelly didn’t let your tiredness overcome you. We were just marching and marching and doing our duties, and it seemed as slave-driving to you then but later you also accepted that sometimes we have to suffer for knowledge and useful results! The shining “obedient” prize doesn’t mean much to you, but the two of us had a princely supper like a baronial banquet and we were full worthy of your name. We took our road hand by hand so far, we were together for better or worse as is proper … only death can part us but it is so much time for the bells to toll for us, and with my hand on my heart I promise you that I will be faithful to you through fire and water even if your bright becomes pale some day. Because there is no nicer and better creature in the world than you who knows all of my vibrations during centuries likewise I know the key to your flawless diamond soul during the fragment of time since I can know you … just as you say this is much more than love between us by this time … my sweet Puli!